About Honestunes


Honestunes is a platform set up by a gospel music minded company (Honesty Music Entertainment Ltd) located in Lagos Nigeria .

The purpose of creating this platform is to showcase the talents of gospel artistes in Nigeria and Africa.  

Honesty Music Entertainment Ltd which birthed HONESTUNES is well known for Marketing and Distribution of gospel music throughout the country with direct sales of several award winning gospel songs.

It is the first music marketing company in Nigeria that single highhandedly sponsored a Live Gospel Music Concert. With expertise knowledge and strategies, the company markets only quality gospel music across the country and overseas.

The company also grew to owning a Multi Media Studio in Lagos where many in the entertainment business has rated it a World Class masterpiece that offer more and wider services like Analogue/Digital Recording, Musical Video Shoot, Online Radio, Music Academy, etc.

Because of the Founder’s strong craving for more growth, the company created HONESTUNES as another avenue to Distribute gospel music and get over the limitation to only Compact Disc (CD) Music Marketing and Distribution.

The company also does the following:

  • Distribution of gospel music to all major digital stores and streaming services worldwide eg itunes, spotify, deezer, amazon music etc.
  • Promotion of your tracks and videos to make people speak more about your music.
  • Refocusing and Redirecting Gospel Music in Nigeria.
  • Producing and Marketing Quality Gospel Music.
  • Delivering World-Class Services

Honestunes is here to make your music heard all over the world through digital means. Affordable prices in our services.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Gospel Entertainment and Talent Development Company in Africa.

Our Mission

To Add Values to Lives and Society by Developing Creative Artistes with Passion and Purpose.



CEO Honesty Music Entertainment 2

             TONY UMEH   (Chairman/CEO)