Our new TV Serial is peopled with dynamic popping characters. Therefore we require bespoke talents to interpret them.

If you are one, here is your chance!

Category 1: Ages 18 – 25. Male and female with an obvious wow factor. Must be ready to combine acting and a career in gospel music. Must be able to play one musical instrument well.

Category 2: Ages 35-45. (Male) Have an understanding of the world of entertainment.

Category 3: Age 30-35. (Female) Ravishingly beautiful and photogenic. Fantastic command of English.

Upload one minute video of yourself doing an impression of the category you are auditioning for before 12midnight of 10th of August, 2020. Your video should include your name, email, and phone number. Successful candidates will receive an invite to a reading and casting session.

Use the #honestyaudition hashtag in your description and follow @honestyentertainment on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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