Free download or What part 2!?

Free download or What part 2!?

Free download or What part 2!?

free download

Yes, you can do a giveaway of one track off your upcoming album of over ten tracks, to call the attention of those potential customers / fans. But what happens when it continue to be constant practice?

The desperation of artists fueled this movement of copyright infringement that has become a world crime but seem unsolvable.

The question you might be asking now will be, how do we arrest this crime and enforce justice?

The truth is, change begin with an individual and spread to others.

We are determined to do what is in our capacity to be the change we hope to see first and pray others will follow in the same direction.

We are not only upgrading to digital market, but we are ready to help all gospel musicians and artists that are willing to work with us move up higher than the shallow waters of free music download.

The benefits include, promotion towards the music lovers around the world that will buy the music and most probably become followers and fans.

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