Introducing Honestunes Music Marketing 101

Introducing Honestunes Music Marketing 101

Introducing Honestunes

Gone are the days when vinyl, CDs and hardware musical recordings trend and dominate the music market. Today, we are in the age of digital music consumption. Yes, “every thing has gone digital“.

When a new music is released today, 90% statistics shows that those that will search for the music will first go online to explore the internet. The bad news from the digital market is the matter of free download. But, the good news for musicians and music lovers seeking the interest of their favorite artists are the efforts of International Music Copyright bodies such as I.S.C.R.

Honestunes is designed in a way that will favour indie and establish gospel artists seeking medium that will showcase their musical recordings and still give them amazing percentage from the sales of their products.

HONESTUNES is a branch of Honesty Music Entertainment.

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